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chair.01 limited collection

Chair.01 consists of a steel frame supporting a leather or wooden seat and back rest.
Both back and seat are made from a piece of belting leather or wood (triplex) plate glued to a thin steel plate.
Age and use will form a patina. The steel plate will be shaped by the curves of the persons sitting in the chair.

chair.01 is made in series of 20 pieces.

serie 1,2 and 3 are sold out.

serie 4: light grey powdercoated steel frames with leather back and seat. 5 light grey, 5 blue, 5 red, 5 inox. 

serie 5: light grey powdercoated steel frame with walnut back and seat. 5 yellow, 5 blue, 5 green, 5 inox.   

serie 6: light grey powdercoated steel frame with oregon pine back and seat.

serie 7: oxide red powdercoated steel frame with aluminium back and seat.

serie 8: black powdercoated steel frame with black leather back and seat, 5 yellow, 5 white, 5 blue, 5 inox.