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fruit shells . these concrete half spheres can be arranged into landscapes that carry fruit and vegetables.



We have designed a series of pedestals to support several daily objects (flowers, books, fruit, pots and pans).

The pedestals are functional in the same ways pedestals are for works of art: they showcase and support those objects in a pure and elevated way, making them a bit more noticeable and special without obscuring or tainting them.

So, the art lies in the blooming of flowers, the shapes and colours of pieces of fruit, the words written on a page, the flavours coming from homemade food …

These pedestals only help those daily rituals stand out a bit more, supporting them and giving them the admiration and focus they deserve; by presenting those rituals as works of art.

1 set contains 10 half spheres 

€ 135 incl. btw

estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks
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