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bronze project

For some time now we have these bronze tabletops lying around in our atelier. They were sand casted in open air by one of our mentors, Bert Ghysels. Almost 30 years after the tabletops were casted, we provided them with bases. Because of their ‘spontaneous’ surface - having to do with the flowing of the bronze in open-air - and because of their scarcity - only a limited edition was made in a time when the casting process was still totally analogue -, we’ve been picking them up and putting them down for years without coming up with an adequate base.

The bronze has to obtain the attention it deserves, therefore we should treat the object as if it were a sculpture resting on a pedestal. Thinking on ideas for Collectible, this project resurfaced and we started creating a base from an iron cylinder. We dented the shape of the cilinder slightly, to generate a more organic base that is in line with the tabletop. As each surface differs per tabletop, each base has a slightly different dent, referring to the ‘hand’ in the production process of the bronze plates.



edition of 6 

€2100 incl. vat