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awb modular wall / pillar

vormen was asked by Architecture Workroom Brussels to think about a wall system for a stripped down office space that was now meant to become a temporary shared office space. This office space was now acting as a work/think/meeting space for different companies (AWB being one of them). The walls had to be easy to be moved and adapt to several uses: division/isolation of space, presentation wall, work sheet, …

We started by designing a profile; a connection system which is also aesthetically pleasing, has an ornamental value.

The result was an iron pillar: a 2,4m long x-shaped profile standing on a disc. The profiles have several connection points on all four sides making them adaptable in every position (corner, side to side) and allowing for the outlaying of different forms and spaces.

These pillars are connected to plywood panels. We chose poplar for its bright colour (we added a clear wax finish), its lightness and its softness (allowing for pushpins, screws or nails to be used to present anything from sketches to models). The panels can be used in different directions; upright as wall units or stacked on top of each other for longer office/presentation walls. The different direction of the wood grain that results from a different position of the plywood panels adds a subtle playful element to the space dividers.


pictures by Michiel De Clene